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Project Linus Links and More:
You Tube is a great website.  Go to it and search Project LinusHQ.  It's amazing what you will find.  The national video and song detailed below, lots of videos on making PL crocheted edge and other blankets, etc.  Take a few minutes to explore it - you will find some great information.
Project Linus Blanket Deliveries:  Our Orange Co.NY/Pike Co. PA chapter is featured in this you tube!

Project Linus Coordinators and Volunteers make blanket deliveries to the agencies and organizations that provide blankets to children in traumatic situations.  This video is a great example of how these deliveries take place across the nation every week: =HxD2YyzUqEk 
Project Linus Smiles Video: 
This video is a clear example of all the smiles Project Linus brings to volunteers and the children we serve. =KX6f1IaDpRw 
The Project Linus Theme Song is Covered in Love:  You can hear it on You Tube at: =nUAw2bSjSvg

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